The overall objective of Association for Health Alternatives is together with the other non-profit organizations and institutions, to contribute to the attainment of the ideal of the creation of an (AHA). The Association for Health Alternatives promote research into the major endemic diseases in the region and undertake activities aimed at controlling these diseases and their eradication and collect and disseminate technical information, epidemiological and others related to health research and training in Member States.

Our goal is to ensure that more people have health coverage, to protect millions of people from health emergencies, and provide a further more people with better health and well-being. We focus on primary health care to improve access to quality essential services. We towards sustainable financing and financial protection improving access to essential medicines and health products.

The Association for Health Alternatives trains the health workforce and advises on labour policies and supports people’s participation in national, rural and urban health policies. For the past years The Association for Health Alternatives have improved in monitoring, data and information.

The Association for Health Alternative are dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve and to treating each other with care and respect. We partner with other organizations, and always embrace diversity and inclusiveness. We seek new ideas, are open to change and always look for better ways to serve those in need.

In addition to developing our own prosthetics technology we have acquired a high level of expertise and attach great importance to maintaining support for a project over many years. As well as providing physical rehabilitation services, we help people with disabilities play a full part in society.

The Association for Health Alternative looks for the support of other international organizations to eradicate disease toward global communities as fundamental steps.